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If you have links to suggest please submit them to the webmaster. I have lots of good links from A-16, REI, mountaineering.org, BSA, Girl Scouts, Sierra Club, ultra-light forums, etc.

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If you can't find it here, look at the "Links" (lots of GREAT LINKS) local San Diego Imperial Council at: http://www.sdicbsa.org/ or the national BSA website at:

Medical forms

Required forms for camping for Scouts and adult Scouters. Please include a copy of a current insurance card too.Doctor checkup is only required for lo


See also Court of Honor Documents related to advancement activities <<< under construction >>>

Camp Whitsett forms & guides

Camp Whitsett forms & guides

Campout checklists

here are helpful checklists

Code of Conduct

See also Scout Oath, Scout Law, Guide to Safe Scouting, Youth Protection Guidelines, MyScouting.org, BSA links on this site, ...

Community Service Forms for Pancake Breakfasts

Community Service Forms for Carlsbad High Schools and Pancake Breakfast Letters

Court of Honor < see files inside and "PHOTOS..." below >

Please see the subfolders inside this folder and the folder in files labeled "PHOTOS <<< zip files not in left Menu under "Photos" >>>"

Driver's Insurance and Info for driving on Troop activities

Driver's Insurance and Information for driving on Troop activities

Merit Badge Contacts



There are lots of great photos but don't have a place to keep them yet. These are zip files of older photos that are not loaded on the Troop's photo website (Google Picasa?)

POLICY - Troop 784

Troop 784 Policies

Safe Scouting

The current online living Guide to Safe Scouting is on the SDIC website at: http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/HealthandSafety/GSS/toc.aspx Also see the link to Students Speaking Out at:

Scouts / Students Speaking Out

Speak Out for a Safe School, Safe Scouting and a Safe Community: During scouting activities, if there is a concern within your scout troop please discuss it with your Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmasters as soon as it happens and allow them to take appropriate action before contacting the tip lines which are staffed by San Diego County Crime Stoppers.

Uniform Insignias

Where do you put all of those patches?


Archive of non-current events
Troop 784 Merit Badge Day - January 2020